Google Apps for Work

Access to your business from anywhere at any time

Create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go from your phone, laptop or tablet at anytime from anywhere in the world

Professional email and much more

Get custom email for your business , 99.9% uptime SLA, 30GB of storage, and much more.

Enterprise level security and controls

Enterprise-grade support, storage, and archiving and allow you to manage your company’s devices and data with tools that provide the control you need.


Google Apps for work

Google Apps provides a complete communication and content production solution that requires only a browser to run. Teams can work together on the same document, spreadsheet or presentation at the same time.

Google apps bring teams closer together and secure the freedom to use any device from anywhere in the world – making your workforce more productive keeping your business moving around the clock.

Even open a Microsoft office document, make your edits and save back as a native office file without needing Microsoft Office.


Business tool used by over 5 million businesses and proven by over 450 million people. IT Martx can help migrate email for your whole company and keep you working with no downtime or loss of productivity.

Google Calendar

Single-click access to web conferencing via Calendar & Hangouts, access to multiple calendars from any device and much more.

IT Martx make sure that all your existing calendar appointments are migrated so you can maintain your schedule.

Google Hangouts

Accessible from your Gmail, connect with your customers and colleagues from across the world instantly over video conferencing and instant messaging.


Google drive

Every Google Apps account comes with 30Gb of storage to share between Google Drive and Gmail, however if you’re interested in even more storage we could always add extra storage depending on your requirement.

Google Drive allows you to store and access all your files on all your devices and collaborate across devices, geographies and time zones.

Docs, Sheet and Slide

Easy sharing and dynamic real-time collaboration with your colleagues and partners, eliminates the need for email attachments and document versioning.

Innovative features like automatic file backup, offline capability and complete revision history view make it easier for you to manage and work more efficiently.


Get answers faster with Google forms.

Create different interactive forms easily, collaborate on your form design, share responses and even get an automatically compile report on the survey results which make your work much easier.

Mobile Management

With Google Admin console you can manage all your organization’s mobile devices, without the need for an on-premise device management server.

Mobile Management allows you to separate your business apps from your personal apps so you can use your any device for both work and play.